Welcome to Wendilu!

My name is Wendy but my mom always called me Wendilu so I figured that was a good name for my business. (I knew y'all were dying to know that!)

I live in a small town in the south. I am married to the most awesome, sexy, and funny police officer in the world! We have 6 children, 5 boys and 1 girl. The 2 oldest boys are proudly serving in the United States Air Force. My only daughter is in college and the 3 youngest boys are all officially out of elementary school! (WOOHOO!) I also have 2 very rotten fur babies! A basset hound Bentley and a blue heeler Sparky. (Sparky was a stray that adopted my husband and his original name was Sparkles but I couldn't bring myself to call him a stripper name so I changed it!)

I have lots of hobbies. I love photography, cooking, sewing, embroidery, reading, gardening (which I suck at), movies, music and crafty things. I love my family and they make me straight crazy! You have never lived until you have lived in the south! "People should have a passport to come down here." Name that movie! (Sorry I get sidetracked very easily.)

Welcome to my world! I hope you enjoy the ride!

BTW, the movie is Sweet Home Alabama! Have a glass of wine as your reward for guessing correct. If you missed it have a glass of wine as a consolation, just have some wine it makes it all better!

Peace out,


Email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

P.S. Since I started my website a LOT of things have gone down in my personal life. Basically the end result is that I closed my online store and I now only sell locally at my farmer's market. HOWEVER, if you are interested in purchasing soap or any other products from me you can email me anytime!!