Shonda Rhimes you suck!

Yes I said it. Even though you created my favorite series, Shonda Rhimes you suck!

Spoiler Alert!!! If you have not watched the April 23rd episode of Grey's Anatomy then leave now!

Ok, maybe you don't totally suck but the sudden loss of McDreamy is just WRONG! It is just WRONG. I do realize that the show is not real but this is the only series I watch regularly. It is my escape and you have ruined it for me! AARRGGGG!!

Seriously, Derek was my favorite. I try to like Meredith but I find her a bit annoying. I have hope after the last episode that she is going to pull it together, but still she is NOT McDreamy!! You took McSteamy and Lexi and I was a bit pissed about that. It sucked but I pulled through but McDreamy?? Really?? Did I already say how WRONG that was? It is just WRONG! 

What about eye candy? Jackson is ok and will do in a pinch but he is not McDreamy either! He is a baby! I am a mature woman and I like my eye candy a little more seasoned! 

Ok, I will say I am intrigued after the last episode about where Meredith is going. I expected her to run to Christina and flake out AGAIN but she didn't! The channeling of Ellis Grey and having a baby on her own is a new side that makes me interested in where she might go. It doesn't mean I am not still pissed and dissappointed about losing the McDreamy eye candy but well played Shonda Rhimes, well played. Now make this all a dream and bring back McDreamy DAMNIT!!! Or Izzy! I know you had a personal thing with her but she was entertaining!

Sigh, I guess I will not make the empty promise that I will not continue to watch if you don't bring him back but BRING HIM BACK! I need my weekly escape! I NEED it!!!!

Ok, done whining.

Peace out,