Mother's Day 2015

It's Mother's Day as a mother I can tell you one day of appreciation is not enough!

Let me tell you a bit about my mother. For a variety of reasons, my mother raised my sister and I on her own. I don't remember if our house was clean. I don't remember what she cooked for dinner every night. I don't remember what other people said about her as a parent. What I remember about my childhood is learning to ride a bike. Playing in the creek behind my house. Going to Dogpatch. Sneaking into the living room when I was supposed to be asleep, hiding at the end of the couch to watch Linda Blair's head spin while split pea soup spewed out of her mouth. Asking my mom a million questions about any and everything at dinner. I remember my mom spanking my butt with a flip flop or whatever was handy. I remember being made to help around the house and clean my room. I remember the time I stepped on a beer bottle and cut my foot open and my mom heard me screaming a block away. I remember her going to nursing school and graduating. I remember the MOMENTS with my mom. The moments she put me first. The moments she took to do things with me. The moments she took to discipline me. The moments she taught me to be responsible. The moment I remember most? The moment she told me how proud she was of the mother I have become.

Being a mother is not about being perfect or raising a perfect child. Being a mother is about the MOMENTS. Your kids will only remember if your house is clean if you choose to clean it instead of spending time with them. Your kids will only remember what you cook for dinner every night if you what you cook is more important that what you do during dinner. Your kids will not remember what others say about you unless they are away from you so much that other people are sharing MOMENTS with them instead of you.

Take today to not only appreciate your mother but to appreciate your children. My mother is the person I respect most in this world. Cody, Troy, Jessica, Will, Austin and Noah are the ones I will always be there to discipline, hug, and love unconditionally until I am gone.

Happy Mother's Day!
I love you Mom, Cody, Troy, Jessica, Will, Austin and Noah!